Tips to Master Lead Management

Written by INTEG Team

May 23, 2024


In this blog, we’ll share tips for seamlessly guiding every lead from inquiry to closing, ensuring none of your new leads fall through the cracks.

1. Create a streamlined lead management process

The most effective results come from having a structured process. If you’re starting with lead management and have fewer leads (less than 20 per month), start simply in a spreadsheet.

Add all your leads and start writing down their status, the last time you spoke to them, and any important details you want to remember.

If your volume grows to more than 20 leads per month, consider upgrading to a CRM to automate your lead management.

2. Fast follow-up is vital to manage your leads

Imagine this: a person is looking for services and approaching a group of providers. Some providers respond within the next business days, and others respond within 24 hours. But there is 1 provider who responds within 5 minutes. Who would you talk to for the next step?

The shorter the response time, the better. If possible, most companies should respond within the same business day. It is one of the best ways to catch a person’s attention while in the shopping area.

If you travel frequently and cannot respond as quickly, consider some software options to help you automate lead management.

3. Constantly following up with leads is important

It has happened to all of us that at some point, we forget to respond to an email or text message, and days later, we remember.

To close leads, you need to follow up consistently. Start with shorter intervals and stretch them—three or four times should be enough. Don’t forget to add a personal touch occasionally to give it that extra touch.

However, if consistency is difficult for you, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you stay on track.

4. Maintain Lead Engagement Over Time

When you’ve mastered your immediate follow-up game, it’s time to think long-term. Keep those new leads warm until they are ready to close the deal.

Blogs, email newsletters, social media posts, giveaways, and a little blogging are all perfect ways to engage your potential customers and keep the conversation alive.

Stay in touch with your more comprehensive network, businesses, or similar contacts throughout the year to leverage your network and get more leads.

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