Importance of Google My Business For Your Business

Written by INTEG Team

April 25, 2024


Currently, having an internet presence is key for any business, especially for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other hospitality businesses in which competition is increasingly fierce. One way to have a competitive advantage is by using Google My Business, a service that, in addition to providing information about your business, can generate interaction with customers.

Google My Business is a free online platform considered the most complete and accessible business directory on the web. Its two clear objectives are to help companies increase their online visibility and to help consumers find the products and services they are looking for in a particular geographic area.

Reasons to use Google My Business

People don’t just search for things on the Internet; they do it directly on Google. This search engine receives 3.8 million searches per minute, and for this reason, it ensures that users can find answers and solutions to their queries through services like this.

Therefore, using Google My Business offers many advantages to companies. These are the main ones.

Improve your digital presence

By using Google My Business, you will give a better image to the public because you will have a better digital presence. This service lets you offer all the information about your business to make it more accessible to customers. You can post anything from a description and location to photos and customer experience ratings.

You appear on Google Maps

If you have your listing on Google My Business, your business will appear on Google Maps. This offers many advantages, as it makes your business easier to find. Additionally, you should know that Google prioritizes the geolocation of users when displaying search results. This means that if a person searches for the product or service you offer on Google and is located near your area, you will have a privileged position in the search engine.

Improve SEO

Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving and it is essential to know what actions can benefit you at the SEO level. One of them is to be in the Google My Business directory since the company rewards those who use its services. This means that, between two equal businesses, Google will prioritize the one in its directory.

Provides tracking statistics

Google My Business also offers simple statistics so you can learn relevant information about your customers. It shows data about the way customers search for your business, the actions taken on your listing, the number of times they have seen your photos, and the times they have asked for directions to your business, among other things. This information will be very useful for analyzing your customers’ behavior.

Interact with customers

This service allows you to interact with customers. According to a BrightLocal survey, 91% of people are guided by the reviews they find online. This is why it is recommended that you read and respond to the reviews made by customers in your listing.

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